Annual Free Roof Giveaway

Stutzman & Kropf Contractors Believe In Giving Back:

It is with great pleasure and thanks that we ran our 6th annual free roof giveaway in 2014 for the community that has blessed us.

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Media Coverage




Eugene, Oregon KVAL  -  Lauren Lee

The 2013 Free Roof Giveaway winner was Christy Fullwiler.
Here’s some media coverage to help tell her story:

Albany Democratic Herald –  By Steve Lathrop, Albany Democratic Herald

Published April 22, 2013
Original Article: Roof Contest Winner Announced…
Christy Fullwiler of Corvallis is the recipient of the fifth annual Stutzman & Kropf roof giveaway.

Fullwiler was picked from five finalists by an in-house selection committee. Finalists were narrowed from a field of nearly 100 nominees.

Fullwiler’s roof has needed to be replaced for several years. She and her late husband had made minor repairs, and before he died of leukemia Fullwiler told him that the roof would be taken care of.

Several weeks after his death, she mentioned her promise to a co-worker who in turn nominated her for the free roof on the final day entries were accepted.

Following her interview she was notified on Friday, April 12, that she had been selected.

Fullwiler lives at 1725 N.W. 23rd in Corvallis. Workers from Stutzman & Kropf are scheduled to install the new roof on Thursday, May 2.

The free roof contest was open to residents in Linn and Benton counties.

Cosponsors of the project are IKO Manufacturing, CertainTeed Manufacturing and Roofline Supply and Distributing.

Friends or family members submitted nominations in the form of an essay explaining why the person they were nominating was deserving of a free roof.

Corvallis Gazzette Times –  By Anthony Rimel, Corvallis Gazette Times

Published May 03, 2013
Original Article: Roof giveaway fulfill’s man’s dying wish…

One of Mark Fullwiler’s greatest pleasures in life was working on the Corvallis house that he and his wife, Christy, shared for 31 years. It was a project that took on a sense of urgency for him when he was diagnosed more than two years ago with leukemia.

Despite the effects of chemotherapy, radiation treatments and a bone marrow transplant, Mark Fullwiler refinished the doors, spread new blacktop on the driveway, cleaned out the garage and made other small repairs as long as his health permitted. It improved for a time after the transplant, but then the leukemia returned.

“He knew at that point that he was going to die; that there was no cure, and he became very concerned that everything he could take care of around the house was taken care of,” said his wife.

Mark Fullwiler died on March 9.

A colleague who works with Christy Fullwiler at Student Health Services at Oregon State University told her about the free roof giveaway contest by Stutzman and Kropf Contractors, who have operated in the mid-valley since 1968. Each year for the past five years, the company has given a new roof to the mid-valley household that is most in need of one or that deserves one the most.

Another co-worker wrote the initial 200-word essay that entered Christy in the giveaway.

“To free him of any concerns, I said ‘I’ll make sure the roof is taken care of,’” she said Thursday.

More than 100 people entered the giveaway, and Christy was one of the five finalists selected for an interview. Stutzman and Kropf crews made repairs to the roofs of three finalists.

Eugene Horvath, the vice-president and co-owner of Stutzman and Kropf, said the Fullwiler house on 23rd Street was selected because of Mark’s evident love for his wife.

“To see what he was able to accomplish over the last two years as his health was failing; it is an amazing story,” Horvath said.

Workers tore the old roof off the house early Thursday morning and began building a new one. It was taking shape by late afternoon.

Christy, who went on her first date with her husband when she was 17, said she’s spent a lot of time since his death thinking about happier days. But the new roof has given her something to be happy about now.

“This is really Mark’s story. He had an incredible battle; he was very courageous and joyful through some incredibly trying times, and he loved me. He wanted to see me taken care of. This is a fulfillment of his wish,” said Christy.


Eugene, Oregon KMTR – Angela Brauer

Stutzman & Kropf Contractors gave away two free roofs in 2012, one of them to a woman in desperate need while she was at work.

Corvallis Gazzette Times –  By Steve Lathrop, Albany Democrat-Herald

Published May 23, 2012

Original Article:New roof ‘a blessing’ for Albany mother….

ALBANY — Irene Martinez was doing what she could to make repairs and upgrades to her home. One project here and another one there. Little things she could afford.

She never imagined that she’d be able to repair her leaking roof, a furnace that hadn’t worked in four years or other major projects.

But Monday, a big chunk of those repairs were done for her. Martinez was one of two recipients of the Stutzman and Kropf Contractors Free Roof Giveaway for 2012, and she still can’t believe it.

“I never knew about this. I’m in disbelief,” said the 41-year-old single mother, whose Albany home got more than a roof. “It’s a blessing.”

Stutzman, with partners Roofline Distribution, IKO Manufacturing and Certainteed Manufacturing, saw the need to improve more than Martinez’ roof.

“There was so much more that she needed,” said Eugene Horvath, Stutzman vice president. “A lot of companies stepped up.”

The manufactured home Martinez lives in was in dire need of gutters and the duct work under the home had been completely destroyed by nutria.

Stutzman officials didn’t want to stop at the roof. A call for a donation of a used furnace turned into a brand new one from Midway Mechanical of Albany. Rite Way Electric added wiring and Northern Willamette Valley Gutters of Lebanon replaced her downspouts and gutters.

“I thank God for these people,” Martinez said. “They are true good Samaritans.”
Workers were on the job at 8 a.m. Gutters and the furnace were in before noon and the new roof was completed by mid-afternoon.

“The roof will have an ice and water shield. It will never leak again,” Horvath said.

Martinez was selected from 130 entrants for the contest, now in its fourth year.

About $9,000 worth of work and material was donated for the project. “We will be doing a second roof in Sweet Home later this week,” Horvath said. “We couldn’t ask for better people to win this.”

Martinez, who is a teacher’s assistant at Kidco Head Start in Albany, had her name entered by teacher Laura Rusen and 20 co-workers who heard about the contest. All 20 hand-delivered their forms.

“That is amazing to me,” said Martinez, who has lived at the residence for nine years. “I’m very grateful for all of these people.”

Sweethome News – By Sean C. Morgan

Published June 6, 2012

Original Article: Albany company gives SH woman’s home a new roof…
Mary Carter of Sweet Home was one of two recipients of new roofs provided by Stutzman and Kropf Contractors, Inc., of Albany this year.

Carter, who lives in the 200 block of 9th Avenue, received her roof on May 25.

“They had a little contest in the Albany Democrat-Herald,” Carter said. “My neighbor saw it, and she gave it to my daughter.”

Two of her daughters nominated her for the free roof.

“They did a beautiful job,” Carter said. “It doesn’t even look like the same place.”

“This is our fourth year of doing what we consider giving back to the community,” said Eugene Horvath, vice president and partner in Stutzman and Kropf.

For the past four years, the company has given away a new roof, he said. Recipients are nominated by others with a letter of 200 words or less.

The recipients must be contributors to the community but lack the resources to replace damaged roofs, Horvath said. Their roofs must be leaky and in need of immediate repair.

The letters are reviewed by a panel from Stutzman and Kropf, the Albany Democrat-Herald and Roof Line Supply and Delivery.

All of the roof materials are manufactured in Oregon, Horvath said. Shingles are donated by Certainteed Manufacturing.

This year, Stutzman and Kropf expanded the giveaway to two roofs. The company completed the first roof in Albany a week earlier. On May 25, Stutzman and Kropf trucks and employees rolled up to Carter’s door just about 7 a.m. and completed Carter’s roof and hosted a barbecue just after noon.

The panel selected Carter, a mother of five, grandmother of 17, great-grandmother of 33 and great-great-grandmother of two from 130 nominations from Florence to Eugene and Newport to Sweet Home, Horvath said. There were six finalists. The panel interviewed the finalists before awarding roofs to two.

Carter’s roof had four active leaks, with bad dry rot in the house, Horvath said.

Her husband died in 2005, Horvath said, and she used the last of the cash she had available afterward to buy materials to replace her roof. Her family installed the new roof, but the roof didn’t hold up and started leaking.

Carter is active in her church, and based on information from her neighbors, she has taken in people who need help, Horvath said.

Carter said she attends the Full Gospel Church of Sweet Home.

“The Lord has just absolutely blessed me in so many ways,” Carter said, and she also thanked Stutzman & Kropf.