Commercial Roofing

From small and simple commercial roofing jobs to large and extreme, we do it right the first time, professionally, on time and on budget.
Flat roof and low slope installation for commercial buildings, metal buildings, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, and sports arenas.
Although roofing projects vary in some degree, most normal applications include the following procedures:

  1. Removal of existing roofing materials and recover applications.
  2. Prepare roof deck which may include installing insulation, plywood, fire sheet, slip sheet, metal flashing fabrication, drains, crickets and calculating adequate ventilation for roof areas.
  3. Extensive clean up, which includes cleaning out gutters or removing and hauling away gutters and down spouts, raking flower beds, sweeping concrete driveways and sidewalks, and use of a magnet for picking up nails and staples.
  4. In the tear off procedure, the utmost care is taken to minimize damage to shrubbery and flowerbeds. The roofing debris is carried off the roof and put into the truck so most of it never hits the ground.
  5. We will check your gas ventilation ducts to your furnace and hot water heater to make sure they are hooked up properly after the roof is completed.
  6. In most cases, we will be able to roof your building in one day.

Thank you for considering Stutzman & Kropf Contractors, Inc. for your roofing needs.